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10 Little Piggies Went to Market… — 8 Comments

  1. lol! seriously Mike that hat, I think its a little mobster…that and the goati..ha ha!!

    As for the feet and the sunburn – take care of that. Do you need shoes?

    • I need new feet:) And a crack over the head for smiling at a self-shot that could've been been a Godfather mafia moment rather than a Danny De Vito version of comedic evil.

  2. Trying to pull the Heisenberg look there Mike? Missing the sunglasses though. Are YOU the danger? Are you the one who knocks?

    • Gosh, i\’d forgotten about this post. Interesting to go back in time and see where my head (and toe) was at:) I existed before Breaking Bad – ha ha. Love that program!

      • Can't believe they're pulling it. My life just won't be the same. Now we have to wait for July to get part 2, this is why I buy (read download) series and watch them after they've aired. On the upside, 31st March is coming (Game of Thrones S3). Rumour has it Ned Stark is making a comeback as the headless dragon/wolf/midgetman… Is that irrelevant to your dodgy feet and Walter White hat? Sorry.

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