Goodbye, Sylvia Kristel…Thanks for the Show

Sylvia Kristel, soft porn legend, died this week at age 60. She was most famous for her role in the Emmanuelle movies…and for being an exciter of my young lust. During the apartheid era in South Africa, we didn’t just live apart from other races but us English were, to a fair degree, separated from the Afrikaners (who ran the country). The Afrikaans nation was strongly religious and that conservatism seeped through our nation like oil through sand. My mother was a fundamentalist, in love with that prostitute-loving, evangelist, Jimmy … Continue reading →

Breastfeeding Military Mothers

The Mom2Mom Breastfeeding Support Group pissed off the US Military when they had 2 soldiers pop their tops and do what mothers have been doing since the beginning of time…well…human time. The only thing remarkable about these tasteful photos is that they caused controversy in our age of rampant everything. You can drop a drone missile on an Afghan wedding party without anyone in the West giving a damn. You can take your Post Traumatic Bomb Stress Disorder (PTSD) to a strip bar. And, since they’re running short on supply, … Continue reading →

The 13 Sexiest Women in Modern Rock

Damn tough choosing between pretty and pretty but sexy is a confidence when a woman knows herself and what she wants, can give but still own herself, can stand up to a man but be 100% woman. And, of course, she better have musical talent to make this list. 1. KATIE JANIE GARSIDE (Daisy Chainsaw, Queen Adreena & Ruby Throat) … Continue reading →