1L Fauxe Beer - Wicked Mike at Freshline FisheriesI went for lunch at Freshline Fisheries in Knysna, It was a beautiful day for hake and calamari and i’d decided to make more interesting by bring along a whopping 1 litre can of Faxe Beer which had been made in Denmark, distributed by Poland and sold by Pick ‘n Pay Knysna. The R30 price tag made it a must try! The 10% alcohol content even more so.

Other customers were fascinated by it and one even tried it. So did my mate Keith. Unfortunately, none of us could drink it! Maybe the slightly rusty can was a clue (it had a month to go before expiring)…or the price for an import that size…or maybe it’s just one of the bitterest beers (in a bad way since i drink stout too) in the world! I doubt that i’ll be taking another sip for years.


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