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How to Fast the Wrong Way #2 — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Mike, Hello from the USA…this is the wicked which of the North Dakota Valley of the Dead and nearly dying calling….trees are bare, drove to town on county 21 (a little later than 5 am in the mourning) as I got fired from the Air Seeding Factory I used to work for. Just at the local university now going loco- and trying to get some motion going on around here….expanded my horizons a bit…my states unemployment service (google nd job service) has me on ICE "both literally and figuratively" but self-employment opportunities are popping up….just wondering what it would take to have you help me sponsor a web page….or maybe just build one (think international wireless bridge)….I need some info on one of the bands you had up on the last "mellow memories"compilation I downloaded from one of your sites. I need to see if I can get copyright permission to use a song for a non-profit organization I am writing a grant for – got some kids….native americans on a reservation here that need some funds to throw and go to some parties… <a> and I am trying to make some consciencious decisions about how to spend that pittance of a 401K that I got when I got fired. ASAP if you would….where are they from and how long have they been going on that sort of thing, if you know….otherwise it looks like I may be digging a hole for my grave all the way to china….got a couple grand left to pay bills with and a couple of grand in student money coming in Janary….a lead on an unpaid internship at the other local competitor and a bumper sticker on my chevy blazer that says IAM Union. I need a tutor in the techo shit. [email protected], [email protected] drtel.net, [email protected]. Just getting my independent media poop in a group sans lithium carbonate. Do what you can. Need web design and yours is the bomb!!! What you need?

    • Gosh, times are buggered everywhere! The US took a while to take unemployment seriously:) Half our town is unemployed and the majority of the rest will never be able to afford a home. You've got some catching up to do – he he.

      Much worse, and biggest apologies, because your comment reminded me that you'd emailed me. I never responded as net ran out. Thought i'd be homeless this month but thank goodness for getting some help. I'll mail you about the rest.

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