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Israel versus Japan versus You:) — 4 Comments

  1. Ha ha! well I think this is the start of many packages to come. Was thinking of a Xmas package…

    Anyway I've actually had those peanutbutter ones before, they were delicious!! I had to share mine with the other siblings though, but the few i got were mouthwateringling good!

    • Halloween or Mexican Day of the Dead may be cooler ideas. But if it's fish biltong or Japanese, lesbian porn, i'm happy to bend my principles and receive them with good,christian faith:)

  2. Oei Oei….Are you ckecking on me to see if I indeed read this site?

    Glad it arrived safely although one could hardly read the address! Have you saved some Jerusalem dust? Impossible to pack with care since I was pushed back and forth in the post office.

    You feeling sick now is just the result of your greed and that serves you right.:)

    • Sure. Checking on your all. Have this weird idea that if i write something and the people closest to me receive a notification in their mail box that they'll take 2 minutes to read it. Of course, that's bullshit in real life but at least you and Mons are getting an A in my class:)

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