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MTN Hell! — 12 Comments

  1. It's disgusting how the Internet providers charge people for service they do NOT consistently get. Do you have a regulatory board you can write to about the problems you are having with that company?

    • We do but that would be such a long journey. Before that i'd post on the bigger complaint forums or simply change networks, maybe to a smaller one like purely on principle. Nevertheless, Kigiso seems helpful so let me see what happens BUT they are closed on weekends, a fact that's ludicrous considering they probably have about 40% of the South African market.

  2. Since i have been living in Japan I can't imagine what life is like in South africa anymore, download on average, with wireless network is 13.80mbps and upload is 6.89mbps .

    South Africa is living in the dark ages, and thats not because it doesn't have the technology or the capabilites to do it, it's because companies are corrupted by money and how much their head hunchos are getting paid to sell lousy unreliable internet deals through clever marketing stratagies.

    My solution is, instead of giving that money to CEO's and sales, they should invest at the core of thier company system and creating a longer lasting more stable network and delivering what they promised.

    • Well said. What these big companies don't get is that if you treat customers the best you can, they will be with you forever. They will make their money over the long term. Instead, we're faced with stupid short-sightedness.

  3. The reception connection and speeds of both MTN and Vodacom are a joke when you travel as i have through SA. The technology is there to provide better service but they dont wanna skip ahead missing out on all the ching they raking in now even with their current poor service. They make even more on charges for roaming costs, i would love to know what their actual costs vs our charges are there, but i dont imagine that transparency will be forthcoming.

    • Ditto! It started right in the beginning when we became a dumping ground for the old phones the West were no longer using. As said above, i do understand the need for profit but not when it diminishes customer service.

  4. This is a Cisco forecast of internet usage in the year 2015:


    According to the United Nations, access to the internet is a basic human right.

    Having an internet connection should be like having tapped water to your home. That comparison is particularly apt for South Africa ,of course, with so much of our country still not having access to even clean running water.

    We are so disgustingly far behind.

    • Thanks for that link, Shawn. I know the basic trend and that the past year has been a gigantic leap but it was lovely to read that breakdown. Great connectivity is essential for business to keep pace but also for the new social dynamic. Last week, there was a new speed record set for data transfer i.e. 26 terabytes per second (the equivalent of downloading the Library of Congress in a second – crazy). We are so far behind. South African companies are so concentrated on conquering the rest of Africa that they've forgotten us. We will keep getting faster but for once i'd like us to stop being last and instead have the government prioritize technology.

  5. I absolutely loved your article and completely felt your pain in every step of ineptitude they put you through. In America it was,"One Small Step For Man and One Giant Leap For Mankind." In S.A it is "One small step backward for human brain power and one massive step into oblivion for the poor customer being screwed at every turn to fill the pockets of the corrupt and skelem." Ja broer, Knysna is an awesome place, used to surf there often but it must be hard to make a good living there, especially with these sneaky bastards doing you in at every possible turn. I got that flippen 3gb uncapped lite and now am sitting with crap speed. They are charging a freakin fortune, MTN is the most expensive, 8ta are a bunch of monkeys with no idea how to spell let alone run a bussiness or provide customer satisfaction, Vodacom simply does not give a crap, they seem to think they are doing us favour by even talking to us. The biggest issue is that we never stand together and do something about it and so these bastards keep snipping us off at the wallet like an unwanted and disrespected turd. I am sure if we stood together and started toy-toying, running into MTN head offices and burning the fucking shit hole down to the ground, maybe someone will decide to be fair(note I said fair and not scaley fair use con policy). But nobody will ever do anything, we just sit back getting it up the rear like some poor Polsmoor inmate, while we hope beyond hope that one day we will plug in our modems and MTN and all the other corrupt price fixing giants, will actually give us some decent speed. But the truth of the matter is us tax payers and cellphone contract owners are not only fitting the bill for S.A but for the rest of Africa as well. The Nigerians have figured out so many ways to screw MTN over and download for free at high speed, there is no more profit coming from that country, and so they milk the honest users who should be given priority. It is like the traffic cop, watching the taxi speed through a red robot but stops you because you are driving a BMW nad can actually afford the fine or give a crap about the law. No fucking justice is what it is, and I for one would like to take this usb modem and stick it so far up the rectum of the MTN directors smelly arse, that he will have perfect reception even if he had to be blasted on to the moon. Flippit man, oh well, guess I am going back to my 45kb/s speed and look forward to the rest of my contract being given up the rear. No Fucking Justice. Oh, please excuse the language I am rather pissed off and do not usually use any swear words but this is rediculous. And thanks for the article, I am glad some of us have some honor and common sense left. Time to go surf, the waves, not the internet.

    • That's definitely the longest comment on this site – thanks:) Don't apologize for swearing – no amount of it would be enough. Not standing together is the biggest problem. Across the Western world and wannabee West countries like SA, the herd mentality has become extreme. Not standing together is the biggest problem. When i see the next round of emails wanting to boycott Woolworths, petrol stations etc. i want to puke because i know that all that it will become is office fluff gossip. In SA, poor black people often protest stupidly, led by some greedy politician's needs BUT white South Africans are the bigger problem, always complaining, never protesting. If just 100 white businesses launched a protest in any town or city, the effect would be powerful. Threatening the money is the only way to get a fair deal.

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