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Knysna: The New Apartheid — 3 Comments

  1. A very noble stance to take indeed, and one followed by many revered people… one thing I would like to see you address is, the practicality of your positing. What, exactly, do you see as the solution?

    (I guess I could read through your entire site to find out… but I'm way too lazy.)

    • There is, of course, no simple solution but if you check out the posting Conquering the Knysna Undynamic, the latter part would be a brief overview. That would then need to be discussed in community forums and expanded into projects.

      In a small town such as ours, attempts at correction are easier to see e.g. start including the majority of the population in activities and excursions, concentrating on kids. We don't have to lose culture to seek common identifiers. Things in common lead to shared activities. All cultures and suburbs need to be treated as equals. When i look for information and contacts in the poorer areas which, as said, are 80% of Knysna, i come up empty handed. It's not hard to develop websites and store information. It's damn important to know who to contact if you, for example, want help with a drug addiction. And how can town be run if the number of shacks and unemployed aren't counted. It's ridiculous that schools and "main" organizations such as KADAC, FAMSA and the creche forum don't even have sites. There isn't even a history of Knysna website. Sport, the easiest route, isn't sufficiently using the best players from black and white, poor and rich schools to form teams best representing Knysna…and so on…

      Personally, we need to acknowledging the truth of ourselves. It's incredible how many people consider themselves as good yet aren't able to justify that with actions they commit to.

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