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Viral videos are often unfathomable! That’s the case with REBECCA BLACK’s song ‘Friday’. I wondered what the 60 million view fuss was about so i painfully wasted 3 minutes of my life watching the video that was made for a mere $2000.

I normally resort my reasoning for such phenomena to the stupification of mankind (accompanied by the fear that retards are going to be ruling the world in a decade’s time). Besides, what mental capacity does one need in order to be able to sing-a-long to the worst lyrics of the year. With this, i resorted to my usual #2 option which is the belief in “sex sells”. Cute, bonkable teen – world rushes to watch-


-it turns out REBECCA BLACK’s seemingly C-sized breasts are being carried by a 13 year old – oops! doesn’t cut it – FUCKING OOPS is more like it! So what the hell is  a rapper, possibly in his thirties, doing in her video, rapping as if there’s gonna be be a “sweet” time happening with his “RB”? Surely the record label should be lined up against the YouTube screen and shot! Throw in a parent or two?

Opposing the 40 000 sales figure for the single in its first week is the amount of hate for this song…and REBECCA BLACK has been targeted by insane comments encouraging suicide.  Stop me if i ever decide to have a child but if i ever made a mistake (let’s make it a girl too), i’d hope that she grow up listening to what i consider to be cool music. Be a teen Goth. Be Indie. Be a Metalhead. But if i utterly failed to mould my daughter in my image, and she, at age 13, sang and danced in a stupid song called ‘Friday’, i’d be the proudest dad ever and shout it to the world! And that’s before the expected $2 million in sales.

She’s 13. Let the kid have some fun!

PS: And her popularity is undoubtedly helping another project by the ARK Music Factory, this one for ALANA LEE (and this video is a lot purer at heart…EXCEPT for the animated sketch of – you guessed it – an older hip-hop singer rapping whilst the little girls lounge in their bikinis – fuck!):


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