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South African internet sucks! — 4 Comments

    • Eventually upgraded with an MTN USB connection. Joy until, as the related link, MTN Hell, above shows, my HSDPA connection dropped to 3kbps for a month and sent me on a journey from one unhelpful supervisor to the next.

  1. You are lucky….

    You should see how long it takes me to download a 2 min YouTube clip.

    Not to mentions names but BURST ass hole….BURST this and BURST that…..You get my drift.

    And when you ask them for help 3 years later you are still an their waiting list.

    I know- don't ask me…. I need the address and wont bother to change it.

    Self inflicted agony.

    • How do you mean, "…need the address?" If for business, the latter part of the edress should be your business name. Websites are cheap to set up nowadays. Get a proper edress. The one you have now can still remain in use but it can redirect tot he new one. All win.

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