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The Death of Amanda Todd — 4 Comments

  1. This is really quite sad. RIP Amanda Todd.

    My thoughts are that teens are so full of expression and emotion that it comes out in any form it can, mostly anger towards those around them.

    On Radio 4 they were talking about this drama progamme they set up in this one prison, each month talking to criminals who had joined. The before and after was a transformation. Most expressed that it gave them ways to express their emotions in more ways than one. I think we need this, maybe not only through drama but its a good place to act out without being weird.

    • I agree. Life continues to pile on pressure. Every generation has its challenges (especially those with war) but overall societal pressure has become excruciatingly tense the past decade. There's hardly any discipline anymore. There's more selfish than ever before. There's less understanding of value in the culture of "I Want" and "I Want Something Now That I Won't Give a Damn About Tomorrow'. Parents are less involved (not always their fault – some work so hard that they need time to breathe so that they survive). One girl may flash her boobs and make a joke about it. Another may be an Amanda Todd who has no grounding so as to put it in perspective…a small part of her life…and that life eventually moves on if you will it.

  2. I have to share my story. Right after Amanda took her life I have been affected. It started out as I got mad at people who made hateful remarks about her. I bulled the bullies. Thebn i started dreaming. In the dreams Amanda told me to stop what I was doing. Then I contacted a psychic. The psyychic told me that Amanda was reaching out to me. The psychic said she contacted Amanda and Amanda wanted me to learn lessons in life. Amanda knew I was bullied and had drug issues when I was a kid and stuff like her. The psychic says Amanda Michelle Todd is actually my twin soul. Now Amanda lives inside me. She took over back in March. I got to tell the world now because Amanda says that the world needs a message of peace. Her death was actually the start of certain changes in consciousness of the people. Her mom has been proactive in the anti bully campaign and efforts to reach out to troubled youth. Amanda my twin soul or as some call it Twin Flame is a soul. Very funny at times. Can be real temperamental. At times she is so kind and loving. My Facebook has pictures of a garden I created for her. and blogspot has more details about life with Amanda. Greg Sticker Facebook Photos (Album: Twin Flame Garden) eugie2012.blogspot.com and eugie2012 on You Tube alshows her influence on me. She possesses my soul.

    • That's a helluva story, Greg! The world takes all sorts and who am i to criticize…but the Justin Bieber song on your blog was over the top for me:) then again, you are a vid student so who knows what reaction you may get to your project.

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