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Tim Pepper – Beautiful Frustration (review) — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Mike…I love this! You always seem to know how to pick me up off the ground (both literally and figuratively). Been sort of backed up into the wall as of late between Google+, Microsoft and WordPress and the whole corporate holy pole-ly, hoe cuss, poke us just because we have more testosterone monopoly the powers consider utopia. That is, I have my sync full of shit again and my tub still doesn't have any caulk around the edges…lol. Thankfully no dishes to wash till tomorrow. Hope to catch up with you again sooner or later on the other thing, we turtles and pokeymons run fast but our drivers are slow. Back to school to negotiate (or just say the hell with the political dickering) soon…maybe tommorrow And, if I get down south, (physically and not just in my imagination)…I will definitely be sure to check this guy out. So tell me again…what is wrong with being wicked? I was having so much fun I forgot…lol. Oh yea, and if you run into Rhonda Rainbow….send her a hug from me and tell her I think of her every time it rains or I have flood of emotion here, which is quite frequently.

    • Glad that you do! Truly worthwhile for you to download the lot (and more on his website). Beautiful, beautiful music.

      As for life, it picks us up and tosses us around like linen in a tumbledrier. At least you're alive. As for Rhonda, i don't know what happened to that lovely lady. Haven't heard from her this year. Hoping that she's ok!

      Raining here too.

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