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When You Were Hurt, Gran — 7 Comments

    • I've never seen it as a good poem but more simple words reminding me of the moment when my much younger self realized that if i had being less consumed with my own life then i would have done more for my gran, a really lovely woman. But, thanks Khanya, for your kind words.

  1. As a student aswell some words remind me of my gran aswell expecialy since I had lost my mom at 9years old….Keep making more poems please that can make us realize how important our grans are!

    • I was young and caught up in my own mess and never realized how bad Gran's health had gotten. I saw her 2 days before she went into hospital but when i went to see her there i never recognized her at first because of how quickly she'd deteriorated. After she died, i remember standing on a pier, staring at the waves with some whiskey as company. I reflected on the past few years and felt that i should have made more effort to have gotten to know the depths of her. So i scribbled these words and they somehow survived.

  2. wow i see,i always try to scribble things down….but TRUST me putting it into a poem i find difficult,You as a poet are TALENTED HELP ME GET SOMEWHERE PLEASE…you have inspired me!

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