I am not who you want me to be. I am Me.

I am light and dark, lover and voyeur, cynic and realist, strong and damaged, harsh and caring, wise and stupid.

I was a DJ, CD compiler, rock ‘n roll agent and a lover. I have worked with lots of money. I am poor. I have caught thieves. I help people. I am a music fan, creative writer and WordPress website designer. I am a critic. I am opinionated. I am an activist. I am an arse who wants to make you think.

I believe that the greatest dangers to the world is Apathy, Lies and Stupidity… and the greatest danger and reward to ourselves is Love.

I: enjoy the words of Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman; relished the movies Fight Club, Kissing Jessica Stein, Into the Wild, About Time and Donnie Darko; despise lying politicians and economists who are fucking up our lives; wish that it had not been so long since i had played pool and dug beach sand between my toes; wish that i read more fiction; admire prettiness in mini-skirts, intelligent women and loerie birds.

I possess a passion for music that is stronger than anyone’s that i have encountered (from The Cure and Marilyn Manson to Pink Floyd and Blue October, from Fifties classics to quality pop – not over-processed, Billboard fodder rot). As great as music is, the greatest sound is a child laughing. I am childless and single.

I live in Knysna, the most prettiest town in South Africa – no exaggeration, you have to see it! You’d fall in love too.

My belief and plan for my how to live my life is at Wicked Creed.

Random photos of the past and now, good times and… err… other times… All have their place, helping make who we become, who we are.