1. To SACRIFICE the (They in Me
and the Who that They want Me to Be):
a. the morals of family, friends, society and government (see 3a)
b. religion that divides
c. family based on blood instead of mutual respect and/or friendship
d. respect that hasn’t been earned
e. trust in the media
f. materialism that controls the mind instead of colouring it
g. foolish (gossip/ purposeless) talk and the statement of obvious
h. the fears that limit me
i. complaints and worries over that which i cannot change or have no intention of changing
j. indifference

2. To RESPECT (love, wisdom, achievement, courage and intelligence):
a. life that has respect for life
b. all that which makes others happy without hurting others
c. freedom of expression
d. emotion that vents without destruction
e. truth
f. my instincts and vessel
g. information
h. choice
i. constructive criticism

3. To COMMIT to spiritual, bodily and relationship improvement through:
a. morality substantiated through self discovery
b. placing morality higher than different religions
c. helping others
d. freedom
e. joy
f. justice
g. ambition and challenge
h. eradicating misunderstanding
i. appreciating the moment
j. activities and thought that frees myself and acquaintances from acting or thinking in a limited manner