Cherries on a Blacklist – Amazing ‘Glorious Days’


The greatest 2016 insult to rock music is that CHERRIES ON A BLACKLIST isn’t famous. Glorious Days, their sophomore album, is my favourite of the year. I can’t get enough of it! ‘Barrel of a Gun’, the first single, kicks off with an infectious punctuation of verses and melodic choruses. As catchy as it is, it’s too gritty to be called radio rock. ‘Storm’, ‘Sweetness of Youth’ and ‘Head in the Ground’ make for more commercial listening whilst never selling out. The guitar solo and vocal breakdown of ‘Head in … Continue reading →

Rock Legend Emerson Shoots Himself Dead

Keith Emerson 1977

Last night, Friday, Keith Emerson committed suicide by gunshot. Emerson was famous as one of the founding members of prog rock legends, Emerson, Lake and Palmer. He was a talented keyboardist pushing the boundaries of his instrument, well known for his showmanship on stage. AllMusic described him as “perhaps the greatest, most technically accomplished keyboardist in rock history.” Why Emerson killed himself is still unknown but it’s likely because he was suffering from depression, partly as the result of a degenerative nerve issue in his right hand. He becomes part … Continue reading →

Deity’s Muse Releases the Dynamic ‘Convergence’

Deitys Muse - Convergence album cover

It isn’t easy being a South African rock band. Tsunamis of overseas product and wannabe American music stations are the death of many musicians. The only one that seems to have escaped the clutches of our local scene was Saron Gas but they were made to change their name to Seether (even the singer had to Americanise his name). You may yell Trevor Rabin (Yes) but he left as an individual and never looked back. As did producers Mutt Lunge (Def Leppard, Bryan Adams) and Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Dream … Continue reading →