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$50 Million Cocaine Bust in Knysna, South Africa — 4 Comments

  1. that cocaine is for sale now on the streets as we speak!the cops will" destroy ,burn" talcum powder in its place!

    • Corruption is an immense problem but i won't jump to that conclusion because there are good cops too. There is a bigger worry and that is that this was only one load captured, an important distinction considering that the boat was apparently in and out for months.

  2. I believe that the bust of the 2 tons in the Knysna harbour of cocaine was valued at R540 billion rand and believe me this is accurate. Shocking isn't it!? Just think of how much cocaine has already passed through the heads that we don't even know about. I wouldn't be surprised if since the arrests that more has passed through unnoticed.

    • Yes, i heard R500 million (not billion). The figure has fluctuated many times which irks me since it shows that communication from the SAPS to the public is practically non-existent. Major cases should have regular updates. It's terrible that the alleged Spar rape etc. vanish so quickly from the public's radar.

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