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Gay Rights: Shame on the South African Parliament — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for this article, last night I heard something related to this issue and googled it this morning. And it IS true…


    I have posted this article on my wall on face book, and want to thank you for highlighting it.

    Yours in Leather

    Jaco Lourens

    Mr. SA Leather 2009/10

    • Thanks, Jaco. But if my little blog, because of it, appeared in the search rankings then it sadly means that not enough of the main sites were reporting it.

  2. Mike,

    I think you are correct.. Not many highlighted the issue.

    Thank you that you have, and I have had many responses on my facebook page from your blog.



  3. Just an observation re Pink Loerie. Am I missing something here? Every gay person I have befriended, and/or worked with over the years (in the ad industry that's no small number) has NOT been a cross dresser. And I read somewhere that more than 50% of transvestites are NOT gay…. So should the Pink Loerie festival not be thinking more carefully about how gay people are portrayed…? because every year the pictures published in the media are of men in outrageous (and I mean that in the 'whacky' sense – not the 'angry' sense) Las-vegas-style chorus girl outfits. I think all this does is stereotype Gay men into something they are (mostly) not. And I wouldn't be surprised if a large percentage of homophobes truly believe that any man who is gay is going to spend all his spare time dressing up like a tart, putting on make up and giving pelvic thrusts to anyone who walks by… More than enough to scare the living daylights out of, say, a 12th generation farmer whose son comes out the closet! Don't ya think? Just a thought.

    • You're missing the fundamental nature of who someone is rather than who others think they should be. Some men are camp. Some aren't. I'd like to have Kate Hudson, Wynona Ryder and Naomi Watts prancing around in feathers and bikinis. Since i want that, i can't be a hypocrite and say that men can't do that too. People who complain are normally insecure or religious. Both of those lead to hate. If i had a hope it would be that people wouldn't pay attention to that which hurts nobody but rather concentrate on creating homes, jobs and education. If we somehow got that right, creating a world without barb wire fences where kids can safely ride their bicycles, then i'd be willing, purely for democracy's sake, to say open up a public debate on "smaller" things such as this.

    • Yep, must homophobes would. But cross-dressers are a far cry from swastikas! They don't have to run a PR campaign. They're not politicians. They're just who they want to be…and it doesn't hurt.

  4. No – I think you misunderstood what I'm trying to say.

    Imagine, if you will, a group of men in white sheets, pointed hats and swastikas marching along waving 'South African Pride' banners. I'd be pretty pissed off, because that is a misrepretention of what South Africans are, though there are some folks overseas who think otherwise. I just happen to think that the Loerie Festival – the parade in particular – misrepresents gay people. And isn't the aim to make people realise that being gay is purely a sexual preference?

  5. but I do like your idea of Wynona Rider etc and the feather outfits – maybe we could invite them to the oyster fest!

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