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Main Facts about the Japanese Tsunami & Earthquake 2011 — 39 Comments

  1. I rely like this website i needed to wright a essay about the earthquake in Japan and this is the only website i used thanks for being a amazing website

  2. Thank you so very much. This is the only website I've found so far giving me strait up facts about the tsunami in japan. Keep up the good work. I too need to do a report/essay on the tsunami and this is so helpful. I want to thank you on more time for doing the research yourself and then posting it online for people like me to see.

    • Thanks, Tyler. But from today the updates will be minimal. Unless there's major news at the nuclear station, the only updates would, unfortunately, be the death toll. Big world out there. We've got to look to the Middle East too.

  3. japan i am sooooo sorry i have always wanted to visit u!i hope evry thin will be fine thanx for my school and bleach and all the awesome animes.than xxx wicked mike i got all da info 4mu project<3

    • I have mates over there so i kept up to date on this, reading horror reports every day for a month. It is sickening. And a lot of it has to do with the government looking for profits instead of protecting their people. Sure, nobody could've have predicted the size of the tsunami but there's no need to build nuclear reactors!

  4. sick website! tar mate and could you do more geography stuff and stuff like this cos you just helped me do ma geo hmwk in like 5 mins thanks loads babe x

  5. Thanks for that. It really helped. Your website is probably the only good one I have found. I needed the info for my project at school.

  6. hey guys gr8t info loving the convo above :0 and just wanted to thank you all gr8t pictures but i think they are a bit inappropriate for some kids. Thanks again love and regards j.s ily to you all have a gr8t life hope you all enjoy your tea and dont forget to eat your vegies ahahaha jks bye xxxxxxx

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