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Rodriguez: The Folk Rock Hero — 6 Comments

  1. As you know, I'm always looking for fresh and unusual material for my Sunday evening World Music Programme on Knysna 97FM (live steaming on http://www.knysnafm.co.za). I've listened to both albums that you highlight, and, well, I just don't understand why South Africans are so crazy about this guy's music. I'm sure it must be related to the place you were at, at the time (plumb in the middle of the apartheid years). His story of rediscovery is fascinating however. Quite coincidentally, I had lunch guests on Saturday who when enquiring about my radio exploits added 'have you seen Searching for Sugar Man?' They were, of course, S African friends.

    • That's a pity but i won't give up on you yet:) Sure, there's a chord that was struck in apartheid SA but you need to try relate to the protest era of America it was made in. If you like any of the US artists i mentioned (i.e. you are a fan of the genre), then give Rodriguez another go. Turn the lights out and play ‘Crucify Your Mind’, 'Rich Folks Hoax' and ‘I Wonder’ back to back. Absorb the words.

  2. The caption War is not a movie made for T V is very catchy. Rodriguez is the real folk hero, the acting style is splendid. Continue this good job of writing. Hope to see soon with yet another interesting article.

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