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A male teacher at Knysna Primary School was approached by 6 year-old Johnny’s single mother who embarrassingly explained that her son had been stealing her tampons for months. She thought that a man would be able to approach the problem better than her. The teacher held back a smile but promised to chat to the boy. When he saw Johnny later, during tea-time, he decided to start light-heartedly so as to win the boy’s trust before getting to the bottom of his tampon fascination.

 “Johnny, if you found R50, what would you spend it on?”

“A box of tampons,” said Johnny without hesitation.

“Tampons?” queried the surprised teacher. What would you do with that?”

“Well,” said Johnny, “I dunno exactly but when i figure it out I’ll do a lot! On TV, they said that you can go swimming, horseback riding and skating any time you want to with it .”


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